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After graduating in building in 1991, Peter went on to study history, philosophy and management, completing a Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in 2001. He worked until the age of 45 as a builder to put food on the dinner table, while funding his studies and various research projects, whereby he was awarded numerous Queensland Master Builder's Awards for excellence.

Although he had penned two books by this time and a number of research projects underway, he turned to his passion of writing after a frightening cardiac arrest in 2011. One of his major research projects of ten years culminated into the production of one of the most fascinating books of all time, titled Shakespeare Exhumed: The Bassano Chronicles published by Bassano Publishing House.

Peter spends his time split between Stanthorpe in Queensland and Coolum on the Sunshine Coast. He is currently in the process of writing volume two in the Shakespeare Exhumed series.


Nominated for The People's Book Awards for 2013

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'I must commend you on your prodigious research (Shakespeare Exhumed).

It is enough to feed ten novels by Dan Brown!!! And it is useful in that it

makes us think about a lot of events in a new way'

Andrée Aelion Brooks - author, journalist, lecturer


'Dr. Peter Matthews' book is a gem of new information for researchers looking for the identity of the true Shakespeare; genealogists seeking early ancestry of the Bassano, de Nasi, Benveniste or Fieshi surnames. Dr. Matthews takes you by the hand and leads you through word discrimation; histories of Knights Templar; ancient kingdoms, gold, glass, enamel smithing, identifies ownership of some of the Cheapside Hoard now on display in London; and other information of the educated. The information he shares with his audience makes this a book you don't want to put down.'

Margaret Louise Drody Thompson - retired publisher, TV presenter, composer, poet, Lyric soprano, and genealogist


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